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Ailleurs inattendu un concert raconté

Ailleurs inattendu

Imaginary journeys with Henri Michaux

Unexpected phonemes, speaking and crackles of consonnants !

The singer Helena Péronnet and clarinetist Sylvain Nallet explore in this spoken, singed and played concert the imaginary travels by  the French author Henri Michaux. They speak us the tale of this tree branches that beats the first fifteen days of spring, the Shepherds of Water that the country of magic whistle on sources, or who sew Ematrus rats they take with arzettes ...

Held by a sentence, an unexpected image or equivocal sense, the two musicians transpose into music the surprising sensations of these texts from a different universe. They join their vocal and instrumental skills during live sampling. The spoken texts are mixed with compositions and improvisations, soundscapes are created on stage and take us to fabulous imaginary journeys.

Ailleurs Ailleurs is a collection of poems by Henri Michaux, published in 1948. It brings together three collections previously published: Voyage en Grande Garabagne (1936) ; Au pays de la Magie (1941); Ici,Poddema (1946). These works are all travel diaries that describe people, animals or dreamlike flora. The great sobriety of writing contrasts with imagination and invention of the author. The result is an impression of Weirdness, with a kind of cold humor. Thirty years after his death, Michaux’s questions on madness and barbarism of mandkind are still a frightening on course.

Michaux’ s syle is soft, elegant. Although for an anthropologist, the facts related with calm and precision are quite amazing. He describes the Hivinizikis who spend their entire life in a frantic cavalcade. The Nijidus which are rippechoux barnes and more devoid of brilliant than anything, and yayas and gribelés. The Ecoravettes whose little tiny feet know how to listen as a prolonged ear. Doors that fight underwater and predict the near future ...

voice, violin, looper

Sylvain NALLET
voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, looper

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