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Carrés Sons CARRES SONS création 2016

Carrés Sons

Among coloured squares, two musicians are building sound tales to be heard and seen. Let’s have a skiing journey with a bouble-bass (and reversed), Let’s stay a while in a Siberian station with a musical saw, Let’s have a rest at night under blinking stars with an home-made kora…  
Musicians blow, scratch, beat the instruments they play. Sound patterns and images are layers forming egnigmatic scapes. A digital brass band is passing, toothbrushes are dancing, fingers on instruments are playing strange sounds.

A playful and poetic performance

The duet La corde à vent proposes with Carrés sons a shape without words, which associates the poetry of sounds to the objects and musical instruments’. In this world, sounds arise from elements of the daily life. 

Compositions  Gérald Chagnard & Sylvain Nallet        
Staging  Émilie Flacher    
Set & lightning  Clément Kaminski
Video  Benoît Voarick    
Costumes  Florie Bel    
Photo shooting  Bertand Pichène    


Gérald Chagnard compositions & improvisation, barytone saxophone, mandoline, wild instuments      
Sylvain Nallet compositions & improvisation, clarinets, wild instuments  

Download the complete file here

Dowload the compete file (printable version) here

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