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> 12 Mai 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Paysonges - Concerts de restitution les 12, 14 et 15 mai 2020
> 30 Mai 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Les Arts Caméléons - Session #3 du 25 au 30 mai 2020
> 11 Juin 2020
La Table de Mendeleïev
Concert de restitution - Restitution à l'Espace Mozaïque de Saint-Priest
> 12 Juin 2020
La Table de Mendeleïev
Actions culturelles - Restitution à l'Espace Mozaïque de Saint-Priest
La Table de Mendeleïev Les éléments chimiques

The Mendeleev’s Periodic Table + Andrea Parkins

Andrea Parkins will join the Mendeleiev Periodic Table quartet in 2017 and perform on specially composed new chemical elements series.
The accordion and electronics played by Andrea will distort Radium and Polonium in order to squeeze out their jazz-trash & electroacoustic spirit.
Particles are to be circulated.
Radiations are released.
Waves are coagulated.
After the Book of Worms, Snakes, Spiders, Toads, Dunces and The Book of Birthmarks the roadmap is clear. It is still held by Paracelse and comes from an half-century old enigmatic book of magic spells, The Labyrinth of Wandering Physicians:
« All has been created for us to be used but not for original purpose».

If the chemical elements were melodies?

We would shake up the test-tube, turn on the Bunsen burners and listen to the result.

"If you break the nucleus of an atom, you will come across an indoors sun" Sayyed Ahmad Hatef Isfahani.

In the spirit of the crossover music, shared by all the Arbre Canapas’ groups, the Mendeleev’s Table has set itself the objective of setting to music the 100 indexed chemical elements.

In this musical chemistry, we can particularly hear the reminiscences of John Zorn, André Bauchant, Henri Texier, Steve Reich, Francis Bacon, Ornette Coleman, Le Corbusier, The Roof or Anthony Braxton.

Away from didacticism, the music gives way to the public’s imagination and insight to discover similarities between the elements and their melodies.

Andrea Parkins : Accordion, electroacoustic display

Christophe Gauvert : Double bass

Guillaume Grenard : Compositions, trumpet, valve trumpet

Fred Meyer : Guitar

Thibaut Martin : Drums


Download the complete file here

download the complete file (printable version) here

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