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Le pirate noir Ciné-Concert

THE BLACK PIRATE- silent movie concert -

The Black Pirate is a 1928 silent motion picture and an important one at the time. Dedicated to a large audience from children who are fond of all pirate’s movies - it is suitable to all kids able to read dialogue cards - to adults who cerzinly have seen that movie in their childhood. Douglas Fairbanks was a famous star in the 1930 whom the french actor Jean Dujardin was inspired his figure in « The artist » movie.

The musical work here is to keep energy on this kind of movie. Musicians need here not to overplay like some would offently do on silent movies. They play hre to subside or draw out, to underline comedy.

Guillaume GRENARD
trumpet, flute, tuba, electric double bass

soprano saxophone, computers

Thibaut MARTIN
drums, vibraphone, sound effects

Complete file to download here

Video teaser here
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