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> 30 Mars 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Les Arts Caméléons - Session #2 du 30 mars au 15 avril 2020
> 6 Avril 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Infusion de sons - Concerts de restitution les 6 et 9 avril 2020
> 12 Mai 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Paysonges - Concerts de restitution les 12, 14 et 15 mai 2020
> 30 Mai 2020
L'Arbre Canapas c'est aussi
Les Arts Caméléons - Session #3 du 25 au 30 mai 2020
Nadja Sextet de clarinettes basses

Nadja A bass clarinet sextet

1928, as André Breton describes his meeting with Nadja, he decides not to follow the literary code and especially to exclude all the descriptions from his text. On the other hand, the work includes many photos and drawings. The only thing missing was the music…
Through his compositions, Guillaume Grenard creates musical illustrations following the André Breton’s story. He chooses for the founding father of Surrealism, the most surrealist(ic) of the orchestra: six bass clarinets; and behind those ebony sticks, six strong musical personalities.

Bass clarinets:
Jean-Paul Autin (Arfi)

Samuel Chagnard (La Tribu Hérisson)

Clément Gibert (Arfi)

Michel Mandel (La Forge)

Sylvain Nallet (L’Arbre Canapas)

Emmanuelle Saby (La Tribu Hérisson)

Compositions :
Guillaume Grenard (L’Arbre Canapas)

This project was created in the framework of the creation order « les 4 font la paire » from Jazz(s)-Rhône-Alpes.

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